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Web Application

Web Servers

Oracle WebLogic Servers for server statistics parameters using SNMP MemoryUse, BeanPoolSize, ActiveThreads, ConnectionWaitTime, Timeouts etc. server statistics parameters

Wide range of performance counters for IBM WebSphere Application Servers

Web Services, Middle ware

Vezinet enables you to proactively monitor your REST APIs, Performance, availability.

  • Monitor availability
  • response time of your endpoints.
  • validate data from your REST API
  • Alerting

Website Monitor

Monitor the performance of internet services like HTTPS, DNS Server, FTP Server, SSL/TLS Certificate, SMTP Server, POP Server, URLs, REST APIs, SOAP Web Service.

  • URL Monitor, DNS, website Monitor
  • REST API, SOAP Monitor
  • FTP POP, IMAP and SMTP Server
  • Port (Custom Protocol) Monitor