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Financial Institutions, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Education, Hitech/Biotech etc.,

  • Vezinet supports ERP solutions that specifically address financial needs of customers.
  • We monitor your manufacturing ERP systems and proactively address work order statuses, shipment issues.
  • Vezinet monitors ERP systems for batch manufacturing and process oriented systems.
  • Investing in a highly scalable pro-active IT asset management system will be vital for leveraging your existing IT equipment while preparing for the inclusion of new devices and solutions.


Vezinet provides the cloud based tools to break down the wall between Development and IT Operations. Company leaders benefit from knowing that vital teams are aligned and moving forward towards the same goals. With our solution, you can finally have continuous releases and quality software at the same time.

  • Developer: More time building, less time troubleshooting.
  • Vezinet provides a solution that was designed for developers and organizations with an emphasis on constant development and deployment.
  • Instantly spot performance issues in newly released code — and react before customers do.
  • Provide the ability to quickly identify bugs and performance issues.