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Vezinet provides integrated IT Infrastructure and Cloud Monitoring software solutions using ITIL technology for distributed and complex datacenter environments. Vezinet's software offers real-time, correlated, end-to-end, service-oriented views of the performance of the entire ERP infrastructure - SAP, JDEdwards, Peoplesoft, networks, servers, applications, databases, storage, power, environmental and cloud.


We support ERP systems that are used by enterprises all over the world. We help their teams focus on what matters most for their ERP and that production environment always perform, even in the most complex multi-cloud environments.We not only monitor, but help you automate the existing processes, that way your team is more focussed on performance enhancements and ensure that application always meet employee/customer expectations.


Vezinet Application performance management solutions are built on opensource libraries and developed over many years of understanding complex enterprise applications. Vezinet platform features scalable performance engine, with redundancy that give our customers the ability to thrive in that complexity.