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DB Monitoring

DB Monitor

Monitor Supported Databases: SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 on Unix, DB2 on AS400, mysql.

Checks that a database is working correctly by connecting to it and performing a query.Each time the Database Monitor runs, it returns a status, the time it takes to perform the query, the number of rows in the query result, and the first two fields in the first row of the result and writes them in the monitoring log file.

If more than one database is used, you will want to monitor each of the databases. You may want to monitor your most critical and most common queries frequently, every 2-5 minutes. Database statistics that change less frequently can be monitored every 30 or 60 minutes.


Nosql DBs such as MongoDB, Cassandra etc. allow unlimited scaling of applications thus increases application infrastructure complexity. Monitoring these databases is critical for diagnosing issues and planning capacity.

Vezinet provides open connections, Memory Utilizations, database operation performance, CPU, transaction details, response time, latency, lock current queue etc.

DB Query, Log Analysis

Vezinet can be configured for monitoring and analyzing database activity that operates independently of the database management system (DBMS) and does not rely on any form of native auditing or native logs such as trace or transaction logs.

Log monitoring is performed continuously and in real-time. Vezinet monitor can be configured user monitoring includes auditing all activities and transactions; reconciling activities with authorized change requests.